Orange Floral with Crane Mini Hip Purse
Orange Floral with Crane Mini Hip Purse
Orange Floral with Crane Mini Hip Purse

Orange Floral with Crane Mini Hip Purse

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Bright orange mini hip purse with embroidered floral and a gold crane brocade.

20cm wide x 14cm height.

Comes with a 120cm or 60cm silver or black metal chain, please specify which colour or length you would prefer as a note in checkout.

Has a magnetic clasp closure.

An obi () is a belt of varying size and shape worn with the kimono.  Originating as a simple thin belt the obi developed over time into a belt with a number of different varieties, with a number of different sizes and proportions, lengths, and methods of tying. The obi, which once did not differ significantly in appearance between men and women, also developed into a greater variety of styles for women than for men.

Koi Girl handbags and accessories are made from authentic vintage obi and kimonos sourced directly from Japan. Japanese kimono and obi have particular designs, motives and colours which have specific meanings to the Japanese culture, each clutch has ties back to its origin and carries a history, secret or story behind it. Koi Girl handbags and accessories are designed to show off the beauty, colour and feel of the garment it once was. These vintage fabrics are transformed into a useable, wearable one of a kind statement pieces.

Quality and authenticity

This fabric is sourced from authentic vintage kimono or obi, every koi girl product is made of high quality silk, wool, cottons or blends. But for the same reason your product is upcycled from a delicate vintage material - we recommend that you take care of your product. Care instructions -Please store out of direct sunlight or artificial light -If you would like to, please see a professional cleaner for a protective treatment -Please have cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.